Winchester Apartment Playground

Apartment Community Playground Safety

Apartment community playgrounds offer a great benefit to families with young kids! It offers a place for your kids to play, make friends, and burn off all that extra energy and you can catch up with other parents, or on some extra social media time! While apartment community playgrounds offer more privacy than a public playground, its still important to keep safety in mind.

Keep an Eye on Your Children:

Children should never be allowed to go to the playground without supervision. With a playground just down the road, it can be tempting to let your kids go there alone, but its important to stay nearby and keep an eye on things. This can help you avoid potential accidents and ensure sure everyone makes it home happy and healthy!

Use Equipment Correctly:

It’s important for kids to use age-appropriate playground equipment to avoid accidents. Don’t allow young children to use equipment that is too big for them and ensure that older, more adventurous kids don’t climb on or jump from structures not intended to be climbed on.

While playground equipment is created to be as safe as possible, most playgrounds include age instructions and it’s up to the parents to ensure their kids use the equipment as intended.

Wash Hands and Use Hand Sanitizer:

Bring hand sanitizer and use it before and after using playground equipment. Especially if you are bringing snacks to the playground, make sure kids wash their hands or use hand sanitizer before eating. While it’s impossible to keep little one’s hands out of their mouths or off their faces, a little hand sanitizer can help kill germs and avoid illness.

Winchester Apartment Playground

Look Out for Strangers:

One of the main benefits of an apartment community playground is that only residents of that apartment community will use it. But it’s still important to be mindful of strangers or of slow-moving vehicles driving past the playground. Be mindful of anyone lingering near the playground who does not seem to have a child playing. Or of cars that have parked on the street by the playground, instead of in a resident parking spot. If there are any suspicious persons lingering near the playground, you can alert apartment staff if necessary.

At the Lofts at Jubal Square Apartments, our apartment playground is located just outside of the community Clubhouse and convenient to our apartment homes. Walk from your apartment or park near the Clubhouse! If you are looking for an apartment community that features a playground, contact us to schedule a tour!